I bought the domain name KilenIt.com because I thought it was cute and wanted something that would display my non-book efforts in webdesign and technology. I chose the domain name because for as long as I’ve been alive, my name has most commonly been mispronounced as “Killin” as in “We be killin’ those fools” or the shortened version of “Killing.” I thought KilenIT was amusing on that front, and a cheeky way to poke fun at my own name.

The problem came when I tried to fill the site with reasons a client would want to hire me. I found a template for the site design, played with the CSS and HTML, and since it was a Bootstrap template I didn’t need to change much else. Then it was time to add my portfolio.


I could finagle a portfolio and stretch the truth here and there. But I’m tired of all that lying and sub-lying. It’s exhausting. But then again, I’m not convinced that companies will be impressed with my claim that I can make them a simple logo and a one page site like mine and that’s about it. Even adding a customized quote form ended up being too much of a challenge, so I went through a third party. Who wants to hear all that? They want to hear that you are world class, the best in industry, etc.

I’m considering changing the language. Maybe I’ll just say that I’m not a big name, I don’t hang out with investors from Shark Tank, and I will probably build your website wearing pajama bottoms and a hoody. But. I will be more appreciative of your business, constantly respectful of your time, and will work hard until the job is done. Plus, I’m probably slightly cheaper and people all over the universe like that.

Is that too honest do you think?

Maybe. But perhaps business is about finding people to work with that you want to work with and not the ones that tolerate you because you meet a price point? I might be onto something there.