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Fitting Tribute for Coast Guard’s Only Medal of Honor Recipient

As the sole Medal of Honor recipient in Coast Guard history, Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro holds a special place in the hearts and minds of every Guardsman. To raise funds for the new Douglas A. Munro Coast Guard College Scholarship Fund, and honor the new Coast Guard headquarters that now bears his name, Northwest Territorial Mint created a one of a kind coin that will be treasured for years to come.

A retired Commander in the Coast Guard, and nephew of Signalman First Class Douglas Munro, Doug Sheehan wanted a commemorative piece that not only honored the courage of his uncle but also had a high perceived value. “I spoke with Major General Curtis Loop and he referred me to Northwest Territorial Mint, based on some custom coins he had made for his unit. He said they did great work,” Sheehan said.

After doing his due diligence, Doug decided to give Northwest Territorial Mint a call. After several meetings he found the sales staff at Northwest Territorial Mint to be professional, detail oriented, honest and upfront about what was needed to create the coin from start to finish. After ordering and receiving his custom coins, Sheehan loved the finished product, “I was blown away by the finished product. Not only is it a great looking coin, but the level of detail is wonderful. They really surpassed my already high expectations.” He said.

The obverse of the coin features a likeness of Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro, taken from his official Coast Guard Picture. The reverse displays the Medal of Honor, next to Signalman First Class Munro, and the day of his brave sacrifice on the beaches of Guadalcanal.

The story is one of unmatched heroism. Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro volunteered to evacuate a detachment of Marines who were facing annihilation by an unanticipated large enemy force. While he succeeded in safely extricating them, in doing so was mortally wounded.

Even more incredible was that he had already played an important part in the engagement, having been in charge of the original detachment of ten boats that landed the Marines at the scene. Soon after he returned from the landing, he was advised by the officer-in-charge that conditions at the insertion point were not as expected. The Marines were under attack from a larger Japanese force and needed to be extracted immediately.

Signalman First Class Munro volunteered to lead the boats back to beach for the evacuation. Commanding the rescue expedition, he brought the boats in-shore under heavy enemy fire and proceeded to evacuate the Marines still on the beach. Though the majority of the Marines had been loaded into the boats, the last remaining elements of the rear guard were having difficulty embarking. Assessing the situation, Signalman First Class Munro maneuvered himself and his boats into a position to cover the last groups of men as they headed to the boats. In doing so, he exposed himself to greater enemy fire and suffered his fatal wound. At the time it as reported that he had remained conscious long enough to utter his final four words: “Did they get off”?

For his heroic and selfless actions in the completion of this rescue mission, Signalman First Class Munro was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. He was also posthumously awarded the Purple Heart Medal. His other decorations included the American Defense Service Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal.

His heroic legacy has been honored in the naming of the USCGC Munro (WHEC-724), the USS Douglas A. Munro (DE-422), Munro Hall at the Coast Guard Academy, the new Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C., and this breathtaking coin from Northwest Territorial Mint.

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The Top 3 Factors That Influence Gold Prices

The Top 3 Factors That Influence Gold Prices 

If you study the markets and the many blogs out on the internet, the outlook on the future price of gold varies greatly. Several experts see a bloody downturn as a mere correction, nearly promising that the price of gold per ounce is going to rebound any day now to record highs. Other advisors, taking a rather bearish stance, spell doom and gloom for the coming days of gold prices predicting sub-thousand per ounce prices in the near future. Both camps back up their crystal ball projections with numerous expert opinions, several gold price charts, and a deeply held conviction that they can’t be wrong. How do you know who is right?

No one can accurately say what the price of gold will be tomorrow, much less 6 months or a year down the road. What you can do is educate yourself as to how the price of gold is determined. Once you analyze how the daily price of gold is established, you can then draw reasonable conclusions based on the underlying principles. From this information you may be able to deduce for yourself the probability of an increase or decrease in the price of gold based on the factors that directly influence it.

The most obvious influence on the price of gold is the twice a day fixing of the gold price by the members of The London Gold Market Fixing LTD. There are five members of the committee, all of them with large positions in gold, who collaborate to determine the price twice a day. This pricing is the benchmark by which others determine how much to buy and sell their gold, but it is not the spot price of gold.

There are hundreds of factors that affect gold’s immediate price, but three stand out as time tested, long term indicators of live gold prices. Those factors are US exchange rates, US interest rates, and the supply and demand of gold, factors that influence even the decisions by the London Gold Market group.

US Exchange Rates

History shows that the price of gold has a negative correlation to the exchange rate of US currency. In other words, generally gold prices go up when the US dollar is worth less. This only happens because the central banks of countries possessing large amounts of dollar reserves increase the price of gold by attempting to spread out risk by investing in assets like gold.

US Interest Rates

If short-term interest rates rise, then typically the price of gold falls. Since gold is a non-interest bearing asset, people tend to keep more money in demand deposit accounts when the interest rates are more favorable than the return on gold. The lack of demand for gold puts slight downward pressure on the metal, lowering its perceived value and therefore its price.

Supply and Demand

Many analysts focus on supply and demand of gold as the primary indicator of future price, citing mining production, scrap gold levels, and industrial use in their models. This has led some to conclude that mining production, or lack thereof, can drive the price of gold up or down. That model would work well if gold was simply a commodity, but in fact it is more than that.

A true commodity has a couple of key, defining characteristics. One is that the commodity can spoil or be consumed; in other words it changes form to something less desirable. Products like oil, corn, sugar, and oranges all can be consumed or go bad, which leads to the second characteristic of supply. Since the amount of corn naturally decreases over time, the supply must keep up with the demand and necessarily be larger than current stock.

This is not the case with gold. Nearly every ounce of gold that has been mined in all of history still exists in similar form. Therefore the existing gold supply will never decrease and in fact vastly outnumbers the yearly production from gold mines. That means for gold mines to produce enough gold to affect the total supply, they would have to increase their production to the point where it would be unprofitable to do so.

So, the supply is not affected by the mining companies but rather the existing supply holders, who bid the price up or down depending on how much they think their gold is worth. If an expert analyst begins the tired argument of “We’re running out of gold!” or “Mining production increasing, gold prices will take a hit!” you can safely, and laughingly, ignore everything else they say.

All three of these factors come together for the five members of The London Gold Market Fixing LTD, helping them to set the twice a day price of gold. The rest of the trading markets respond in kind, using similar measures of valuation to determine what becomes the spot price of gold. Due to different interpretations of the same data, the price for gold fluctuates by a large degree.

The spot price of gold fluctuates to such a degree that it would be foolish to try to predict its momentary rise or fall. Even gold’s long term price is difficult to determine, but a careful study of the major contributing factors to the change in the price of gold will leave you in a much better position to understand why the price moves the way it does.

How the Government Takes What It Wants, Even Your Privacy

How The Government Takes What It Wants, Even Your Privacy
Why you should worry about your gold and silver bullion investments

Recently the NSA got caught with its hand in the cookie jar, and by cookie jar I mean hundreds of millions of American’s private information. The intelligence gathering project named Prism has been collecting this data for years under the directive to stop potential terrorist attacks from harming our native soil. In other words, they’ve been spying on Americans to get at foreign agents. Right.

The question is how far can you trust the federal government? Your average citizen knows very little about what goes on in their own national government, so expecting them to enact a major change in surveillance policy might be a stretch. So what’s to stop the NSA from abusing all that collected information? Congress? Please. Your representatives and senators are the ones that gave the green light for this program in the first place. They are the thousand pound gorilla that sits wherever it wants. So, how much can you trust the federal government? About as far as you can throw a thousand pound gorilla.

This matters to your money, specifically your gold and silver bullion investments, because the recent lack of accountability mirrors a similar and no less horrifying breach of personal liberty back in 1933. Much has been written about the confiscation of gold in 1933, but in light of recent events it deserves a second look. The Emergency Banking Act of 1933 forbade the hoarding of gold bullion, gold coins, and gold currency of any type. At the time, the act made sense to the powers in charge because the lack of money circulating during the Great Depression was a problem. The Act was the way the government sought to bring about a solution to a wide ranging and global problem. It amounted to simple taking of property though, and all in the name of the greater good. Essentially, the government needed private property to fix a problem, so they took it by force.

The current lack of character shown by government agencies is equally worrisome. They are going into our private information, violating our right to privacy, all in the name of keeping us safe. The NSA is just preserving the greater good. If they are allowed to get away with this, the ramifications are incredible. What else can the government get away with? Why not large scale stripping of wealth in the form of taking our precious metals from us? They’ve done it before, there’s nothing stopping them from a repeat performance.

Imagine a scenario where the Federal Reserve keeps printing money in order to sustain a massive debt and prop up an economy that desperately needs a downward adjustment in order to regulate itself. As all that money spreads abroad, there is less money in the United States, and the Treasury decides, in an effort to prop up the price of the dollar, to back all the newly printed dollars with every precious metal in the United States. All the metals are now the property of the US Government. And why not? What can us mere mortals do to stop the onslaught against our personal liberties?

The NSA, the IRS scandal, the Associate Press wire tapping by the Justice Department, these are all symptoms of a larger and more insidious problem, namely that the federal government is out of control and looking for more power. The worst part is that this is not a conscious directed process, not manipulated by a hidden power or cabal, but a natural extension of the organization itself. The very nature of government is to collect and use power.

Watch out for the next scandal, and keep an eye out for your money and your life. Right now, it’s just your phone records without a proper warrant, but if this tendency is not placed in check, it could be your finances they come after next. The only safe hedge against the tyranny of the government is the golden glow of gold and the soft luster of silver. If you have these, hidden away, you will always have something fall back in hard times.

The Royal Canadian Mint's Rise to Domination

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Rise to Domination

With a rich and deep history of innovation, dedication, and care for design, the Royal Canadian Mint stands as a beacon of how a well run mint should operate. Canadians, known largely for their maple syrup, politeness, and hockey, took the world by surprise when their small but deeply talented artists and metal experts began producing the finest gold bullion coins the world has ever seen, namely the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coin.

The experts were shocked, to say the least, that a rather timid country like Canada could make such a large contribution, and outsized impression, on the world numismatic stage. They couldn’t know that the Royal Canadian Mint was far from done impressing the world. Today it produces coinage for Canada as well as the famous Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion Coins, Palladium Maple Leaf Coins, and the Platinum Maple Leaf Bullion Coins.

The Beginnings of a Great Mint

The origins of the Royal Canadian Mint are steeped in the Royal Mint in London. As a colony of England, the Canadians used coinage from England for at least fifty years until demand began to outpace the supply of gold and silver coins trickling to the large country. Populations grew, wealth was created, and the people needed more coins to jingle in their pockets.

The first branch of the Royal Mint in Canada was proposed as far back as 1850, but the first recorded proposal was in 1890. The processes dragged on for another 11 years before funding was finally approved and work began. The mint was officially opened on January 2nd, 1908 by the humbly titled His Excellency the Right Honourable the Earl Grey, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, known as Albert to his friends, in a short ceremony where he was allowed, not without a hair of trepidation on the part of the regular machinists, to operate the minting presses. All turned out well, much to everyone’s delight, and the first Canadian fifty cent piece was made.

Blazing Into Minting History

As the mint grew in size and stature, it began to branch out from simply making pennies, nickels, and dimes. In 1931 the Royal Canadian Mint was born as it officially broke away from the London Royal Mint, and in the late sixties a new facility in Winnipeg was built. This freed up the Ottawa facility to begin producing commemorative gold and silver coins in mass. The designers and artists were some of the finest in the world, and soon after began producing the world first and finest gold bullion coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin.

Most precious metal coins are mixed with a small amount of extra metal in order to strengthen the mixture. It allows for more durability and makes the impression last longer. Plus, it’s an inordinately expensive pain to filter out the impurities in gold or silver beyond 99.9% or .999 fine metals. The Canadian Royal Mint, in a rare fit of exuberance decided their bullion would out class everyone else. Using a special combination of chlorination and electrolysis they reduced the impurity to .9999 on their gold and silver coins and .9995 purity on their palladium and platinum bullion coins, which is about as good as you’re going to get. It was a remarkable achievement and all the bullion coins were favorites among collectors from the moment they were minted.

Royal Canadian Mint and Its Bullion Coins

Every gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion coin from the Royal Canadian Mint comes in a 1 Troy oz size with a 30mm thickness. The obverse is the classic Canadian maple leaf, the symbol of Canada, and the reverse has various images of the queen, Elizabeth the Second, who still reigns as the official monarch in Canada. They are highly desired precious metal bullion and often fetch a premium above their spot price due to their unique qualities.

The Royal Canadian Mint has progressed from a small and barely wanted institution to one of the finest mints in the world. Its dedication to quality and perfection has made its bullion coins; the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Palladium Maple Leaf, and the Platinum Maple Leaf, some of the most desirable coins in the world.

Thought You Knew What an Elevator Pitch Was?

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Thought You Knew What an Elevator Pitch Was? Guess Again…

Have you ever met someone and right from the start all they do is talk about themselves?  How annoying is that?  You don’t even ask them a question, they just start talking… and talking… and talking… all about them and what they do and everything that is important to them.  I would bet that you’re not likely to talk to them again, are you?

I hate to tell you, but your potential clients probably feel this way about you.

When you first meet a potential client, you should have something to say.  Commonly called the “elevator pitch”, it’s crucial to starting the relationship with your client on the right foot.

If you think of this as a relationship then the elevator pitch is just the introduction. And being so, it is important that you DON’T JUST TALK ABOUT YOURSELF in the beginning. They don’t want to hear it and they don’t really care.

The client doesn’t care about you or your services, at least not yet.  They care about their problems. So what if you are a consultant or marketing guru, how does that specifically help them? So what if you have “world class service” or “assist small business with outsourced marketing solutions”?  What does that really mean to them? Those things are ALL about YOU!

The trick is to think about the client in front of you.  Think about their story.  A story is a character who has a problem which creates a desire, and then he or she overcomes obstacles to get that desire.  Find their story’s problem and use that as the base for your pitch.  What do they lack in their life that causes them to want to something?  Or, what problem does your product solve and how does their life FEEL without your solution?

Once you have figured out their specific problem, now you have to overcome their unconscious blindness. This is the same reflex that helps everyone “bleep” of over commercials or read a billboard and instantly forget what what we saw. We saw them but didn’t really SEE them. Our brains are designed to filter out information we deem as un-extraordinary or useless.

People can do the same thing with your pitch. When you tell them what you do for a living, do people say “That’s interesting, tell me more?” or “Really! How do you do that?”

They should. That’s the whole point isn’t it? To build curiosity and open up more dialogue? If all the client says is “That’s nice” or “Oh, that’s interesting” and they do not follow up with a question, then you have lost.

Problems are the focus, but the proper analogy, or story, will shine the spotlight on those problems and overcome the client’s blindness.

For example, when someone asks me what I do, I tell them that I “un-wrinkle christian business men.” Invariably I get the same quizzical look and the question, “What do you mean?” My answer provoked curiosity and continued the conversation.

Then I extend the analogy by showing that Christian men who own their own businesses are treated by their churches like a cheap wrinkled suit, only acknowledged when they are direly needed. I show these men how to “un-wrinkle” their lives and business so that they can use all the talent and skill God gave them to use.

I create a story that resonates. It gets attention because it is a specific problem that a specific audience understands. So:

1) Really know who you are talking to or want to talk to.

2) Understand their story, including the problems that propel or stall their story.

3) Develop an analogy that shows their problem, how it affects them, and briefly how you help.

4) ALWAYS lead with their story’s problem.

This is just the beginning of the conversation, but at least you will be on the right foot.  That counts for a lot in a relationship.


The Ultimate Key To Customer Motivation

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The Ultimate Key To Customer Motivation

I was recently talking to a friend about “buy local” campaigns.  He’s extremely passionate about all things local and was making his case for buying from local businesses. He knew his facts and gave me a lot of information. I can honestly say that I learned a great deal from our talk about why it’s important to buy from local businesses.

But there was a problem…

While I learned a great deal, I really didn’t feel anything.

What I mean is this; when he spoke about buying local I felt no passion in myself to run out and support local businesses.  It sounded like a good idea intellectually but the only passion I felt was coming from him.

Inside me, there was only very calm and placid agreement that we should do something soon.  I knew that even this agreement would soon fade into forgetfulness. That’s because the concept of “buying local” is only focused on solutions and benefits.

We usually focus on the benefits

I told him to stop talking about the solution (Buy Local) or the benefits (better neighborhoods, more local businesses, more local jobs).  When  people hear about “Better Communities” they are pleasantly supportive but hardly motivated or inspired.

To motivate people to action, you need to add conflict.

Conflict gets attention

Writing a slogan or tag line is just like writing a story. Whenever you tell a story, it has to begin with conflict.  Something happens to motivate the main character to take action; that something is conflict.

Think of the customer as the “character”, where is his or her conflict? Why would they need to take action? Why would people NEED to buy local?

If I designed a Buy Local tag line, it would go something like this

“We’re all in this boat together. Buy Local.”

Put it on every poster, bumper sticker, and button in every business you can. That story will start to spread throughout the community and soon enough the “In This Together, Buy Local” story will become their story.

Show it on the poster in a red boat on a open, lonely sea, with the words as part of the sail. Hammer home the idea, the conflict.

First the Conflict, then the Solutions & Benefits

The key to the story is to first show the reader what the real problem for them is (“We are all in this together and if one falls, we all fall; we have to have each others back or we’re all dead”) and then you give them a solution (“But if you buy local, then we can avert this disaster”).

Now the beginnings of a great story are in place, and people can sense when a good story is brewing.

If the Story is boring, add in some conflict

Conflict solves most problems in advertising, marketing, or writing.  If you are designing a campaign, a flier, or or just trying to come up with a cool slogan, conflict will be the key.

Remember to tell it like a story and include a healthy dose of conflict to grab your audience’s attention.

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Short Ad Copy

Meridian Dental Care – Ad Copy

“We try to make your time at the dentist as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to receive appointment reminders. Whether it’s a text, or email, or even a friendly phone call we try to make it easy and convenient for you. We also bill all insurances so you never have to wonder if your insurance is good at our office. It’s just part of the hassle free dental experience we offer here at Meridian Dental Care.”

Peninsula Light Company – Ad Copy

“At Pen Light, we believe that being green is more than a just slogan or state of mind; it’s taking action and responsibility for improving our environment, our community and our lives. It also means conservation. And we’re tapping into the natural elements to provide our members with the cleanest forms of energy available: 81-percent of our electricity comes from hydro power, supplied by the Bonneville Power Administration; our Harvest Wind project will provide up to 23-thousand homes with electricity this year alone; and our company headquarters is equipped with a 4-thousand watt solar system to help keep our own electrical usage clean and efficient… At Pen Light, we believe that actions speak louder than words – and by combining our efforts with yours, we can all be a little greener.”

Fern Life Center – Ad Copy (2 Messages)

“Fern Life Center offers you a life-transforming journey into wellness through balance. We integrate the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda from the East, allopathic medicine of the West, and medicine’s latest evidence-based scientific research to assist you in restoring optimal health, lasting balance in your life, and the nurturing of mind, body, and spirit. We look forward to helping you on your journey of transformation and empowerment today.”

“Hey Ladies! Fern Life Center offers annual well woman exams! Customized to your age and needs, and of course your individualized constitution, these visits target the health of your cycle, hormones, mood, sleep, digestion, relationships, and reproductive health. A full physical exam and referrals for other necessary screenings, like mammogram or bone mineral density, round out this comprehensive wellness tune-up. Come in today to set yourself on a life trajectory that nurtures sustainable health and happiness from the inside out.”

 BMW – Ad Copy (3 Messages)

“Perfect moments are rare. That is what makes them so precious. It is hard to describe that feeling when everything is right. It is just something one has to experience. It is the same with the BMW 3 Series. The embodiment of timeless beauty, the 2012 3-Series delivers the class-leading sport-sedan performance and handling enthusiasts have come to expect, yet it makes substantial improvements in fuel-efficiency, active safety, and connectivity. Come take a test drive and see for yourself how you can make that perfect moment a permanent part of your life.”

“Have you winterized your BMW yet? Don’t wait any longer. Our expert service team can make sure your BMW is ready for the fickle Northwest weather with new tires, wiper blades and a fully charged battery. Schedule your service appointment by phone or at BMW NORTHWEST DOT COM and stay safe this winter. Remember, our service department now opens at 6 AM on weekdays for your convenience.”

“Choices in luxury utility vehicles abound, but the choice narrows considerably when you factor in sporty driving performance. The BMW X5 luxury utility vehicle delivers memorable driving experiences, and behaves more like a sports sedan than an SUV. A high level of luxury and technology, and a quiet, steady ride quality, characterize the X5 line. Why settle for less than ultimate quality and performance in your SUV? Test drive your new X5 today!”

Mini – Ad Copy (3 Messages)

“We’re are over-the-top excited about our new, exclusive “Let’s Deliver” program – THE next generation of customer service! With the Let’s Deliver program, we will deliver your newly-purchased MINI to your home, work or self-governed kingdom at no charge! Surprise party? Graduation? Wedding? Just trying to make your co-workers insanely jealous? We can get on board with any or all of the above. Our purpose-built cargo trailer will keep your surprise nice and secure as we travel to your destination. We can provide as much or as little “razzle-dazzle” as you feel is appropriate – we can even video the whole thing, so you can relive this exciting event again and again. Ask us for all the details and obligatory small print or check it out online at SEATTLE MINI DOT COM.”

“With gas prices going up and up, saving a little coin on your next fill up is more important than ever. Make sure you take your MINI into our service team for regular maintenance to ensure its prime performance. Also, scheduling regular oil changes allows your engine to run smoothly so it saves gas as well. And if you don’t own a MINI yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

“Road-hungry and weather-tight, the 2013 MINI Cooper Roadster puts a new and even practical twist on a classic sportscar formula. From its raked back windshield and low slung styling, to its monster engine, launching you from 0 to 60 in just 6.9 seconds, find out why the 2013 MINI Roadster is the new king of the road!”

Service Steel and Aerospace – Voice Over Advertisement 

“SSA is now stocking Aermet 100. This alloy provides you with high hardness and strength combined with exceptional ductility and toughness. Typically used for aircraft and aerospace structural components requiring high strength, high fracture toughness and exceptional stress corrosion cracking resistance, Aermet 100 may be perfect for your needs. Let us know how we can support your requirements.”

Automotive Marketing Messages

“When it comes to keeping your family and your vehicle safe, one of the most important maintenance services can be done in just about an hour. We’re talking about alignment––alignment of your car’s suspension that can be victimized by potholes and rough roads. Poor alignment causes greater than normal friction on your tires by having them move in a slightly different direction than you are steering. The result?––a major repair bill––damage to your suspension system and damage to your tires. It’s not only expensive, it’s unsafe. By checking your alignment at least once-a-year or every 10,000 miles, our mechanic can spot small problems before they become big expensive problems.”

“Is your transmission slipping when you try to accelerate from a stop? Foul smells emanating from your car when you park it for the night? Transmission failure isn’t something to take lightly. Not only is it not safe, but the longer you wait to get your transmission serviced, the worse its going to be. We have trained technicians ready to adjust or repair your automatic transmission so that driving is a pleasure again.”

“Remember how much fun it was to drive your car when it was new? Deposits in the air induction system cause rough engine idle, excessive exhaust emissions and loss of performance. Ask our service department about the BG Induction System Clean-up Service. In about two hours, we can clean your car’s entire fuel and air induction systems and you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your car’s performance. The results are exhilarating!”

Paragon Dermatology – Product Ads

“Just as good nutrition is essential for good health of the body, daily skin care is vital to keeping skin looking young and vibrant. But, with the multitude of skin products available to us, how do we know what to choose? Dr. Niemeyer (KNEE-my-er) used her knowledge as a Dermatologist to select some of the best products. In our practice, we offer Skinceuticals (skin SUIT-uh-CULLS) and Topix lines of skin care products. Both of these product lines provide you with advanced skin care backed by scientific evidence. Appropriate skin care is essential to prevent, correct and protect against signs of aging. We also offer skin nurturing Glo (GLOW) mineral make ups, which contain Vitamins A, C & E plus Green Tea to protect and nurture the skin, providing broad spectrum U V protection and helping to combat free radical damage. Our staff will be happy to talk to you about products that are suitable for your needs.”

Engravable Graduation Gifts from Northwest Territorial Mint

Northwest Territorial Mint, Dayton, Nevada. The world’s largest private mint proudly features graduation commemoratives that will last a lifetime. From .999-fine silver graduation bars to Arrow of Light badges for the Cub Scouts®, these exquisite keepsakes are the perfect way to honor the graduation of a student close to your heart. Graduation bars and coins feature montages of academic symbols on the obverse, and the reverse side can be engraved with your personal message of congratulations. Also, available in MerlinGold® and Bronze Antique. Made in U.S.A.


What My Clients Say

Josh was a lifesaver. He came in and revitalized my business, giving us that push we needed to get to the next level. It wasn’t just a new website, or social media, or revamping our sales team but he gave us a new story to tell and that made all the difference.

Eric Murphy, Northwest Recovery Services

Josh always focused on writing great copy and anticipated his client’s needs. When I brought issues to him that required his attention, he made sure they were handled effectively and in a timely manner. As a department head, I always had the feeling that Josh’s personality added an expressive voice to our company.

Charlie Birdsell, Production Manager at Woodstock Media Group

You did an amazing job and clearly have a handle on what works. Thank you for your efforts Josh. I cannot emphasis enough the amazing skills you and your team provide us. It is very much appreciated.

Josh Dalgren, Narrows Glen Senior Living

Josh is a master at the turn of a phrase. It was a pleasure working with him.

Katherine Banwell, Host, Saturday Weekend Edition at KPLU 88.5 NPR

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