Why you don't need a social media consultant

Cartoon by Hugh Macleod

Social Media “professionals” get paid a lot of money. But the more I see of their work, the more I question whether or not they’re worth the expense. Granted, many of them DO a lot, I’m just not sure that what they actually do is helpful.

So, are they the right move for your local business?

Hardly ever.

Most of the services that you pay these “experts” to do for you, you should be doing yourself.

As a local business, you cannot outsource social media effectively.  Trust me, the hour a week the paid professional puts into posting on your facebook wall won’t get you a ton of new business, no matter how much they talk about engagements or impressions.  The “Social Pro” will never connect like you can.

Only you can honestly tell your story

The “Pro” can’t connect like you because he or she doesn’t know your story like you do.  Social media has the amazing potential to build and cultivate relationships with your clients, but only if you stop and really consider the story you want to tell them.

Why do your customers need your business?  What will your customers find interesting, cool, and sharable about your industry or business?  How do you consistently exceed their expectations?

The story you tell them on social media networks is a combination of all this.

Let your customers into your life

Once you find your story, your unique compelling idea, then you have to let people in.  Many have said “social media” is the essence of this, the new marketing.  But I see it as old marketing, as a way to cultivate and further relationships.

And the rules for cultivating quality relationships have not changed.  You have to give them more of what they want, things that interest them about you or what you both enjoy.  Give them access, or something interesting to tell their friends, make them the resource their tribe goes to for certain information related to your business/industry.

The more you see this as a relationship cultivation tool, the more success you will see in your online marketing efforts.