I know, today of all days, no one wants to talk politics. But it’s never been more important to talk about politics.
We have to engage in civilized discourse about the important issues of the day because each of those issues matters.
And I’m not talking about the fears and conjecture. Those are the reality TV of politics. I’m not even talking about the vagaries of a potential Trump presidency, though I do have my concerns. Many, many concerns. But those are immaterial compared to real political discussion.
I’m talking about “uninteresting” subjects like
  • The role of government in everyday life,
  • America’s place in the international stage,
  • What we plan to do about the massive loss of jobs on the horizon due to automation,
  • How do we plan to reduce the national debt while also providing opportunities for all Americans to succeed, ensuring free trade around the world (free trade = fewer wars),
  • And how do we make sure we have a sound and safe world for generations to come.
Don’t stick your head in the sand. Learn. Find out more about these topics and others. Don’t become a mere watcher of history but actively participate in this great democratic experiment by having an informed opinion and discussing it with others of differing information.
We can’t survive as a nation if you don’t.