From gapingvoid - by Hugh MacLeod

What if I could live my life how I always dreamed of, what would that look like?

What if I actually learned to like people? AND all their issues and problems? AND  stopped dealing with them as problems themselves?  Stopped seeing them as a burden or a curious idea? Would I be able to help them more?

What if I expected less from life than I received, and therefore was happy all the time?

What if I stopped reading the Bible to solve my problems, and started reading because of the miraculous story it tells? Less for what it can do for me to benefit my life, and more for what it can teach me about God…?

What if I truly saw my life as a story, or a movie, and embraced every moment as a scene, where each line was dialogue, and crucial to moving the story forward?

What if I really saw myself as important?

What if by being important I could help others and make them feel important?

I don’t know what would change but I think it would be profound.  A better story to say the least.