Do Christian business owners struggle with their faith in practiceLife’s not easy being a Christian, holding on to those ideals, and still running a profitable business.

In fact, as Christians we are held to higher standards and hamstrung in ways that our secular counterparts would never understand. Where they can cheat a little, the Spirit inside of us will accept only honesty. Where they can bend the rules, we must walk the straight and narrow. Where they can feel justified in closing a lop-sided deal, we must love our neighbors as ourselves.

We’re handicapped in getting ahead.

Or are we?

Because business is changing. The old ways of tricking and making people feel a certain way through psychological manipulation are finished. If you watch carefully, the tides are turning.

As people become more informed, more savvy, and more fed-up with with businesses’ broken and lame promises, your business can thrive. The future belongs to those people who can form relationships, exceed customer expectations, connect, and tell relevant stories.

In short, the future belongs to the Christian Business Owner.

We have a model for all those things, the man we claim to follow, Jesus himself. He valued and maintained quality relationships above everything (with his relationship to His Father being the most important), He consistently exceeded his followers expectations on things that mattered, He connected with people in a deep and meaningful way, and He communicated mainly in story through parables.

As Christians, or literally followers of Christ, we are called to emulate these traits, to walk in his steps as Peter says in his second epistle. If you do, then as a Christian Businessperson you are in prime shape to outlast your secular competition and grow your business for the Kingdom.

However, the road to change is long and difficult.

If you are looking for quick answers or easy solutions, Jesus never promised that and neither do I. But if you dedicate yourself to change then can I guarantee you will.

You’ve already taken the first step by reading this blog, I believe you can make it all the way.