the secret power of story for artistic entrepreneursToo many artistic entrepreneurs try to get away with boring stories.

Of course 30 years ago that was how you found a mass audience, you appealed to the largest group possible.  But those were also the days when there were only 4 channels on TV.

Today, you can’t be bland or general, everyone will tune you out if you try.  That’s a shame really, because then no one will know you or what amazing beauty you can bring to their lives. The worst part, if you’re boring, they won’t want to know you.

You have to stand for something, you have to have a unique story that inspires and moves people to want to join what it is that you are doing.  And that necessarily means making the hard choice and deciding who you are and who you are not.

What are you for? What are you against? What are you against? Where’s your struggle that people will notice and care about?

Define these and you will save your budding enterprise.