Your life is a story unfolding, deal with it. Dismiss the idea all you want but it doesn’t change the reality of the fact. You are living a story.

Does that sound too far-fetched or abstract? It’s not.

Imagine your life right now as a movie or book, would you want to read it? Would you pay to read it?

If your life is not worthy of recording in the annals of history, who do you have to blame?

Does everything in your life have to be sweeping and epic? Of course not! But why wouldn’t you strive for that in every thing you do?

Right now, look at your life and find the story you’ve been telling so far. What is it? Do you find it inspiring or incredible?

Chances are you simply need a new step, a challenge of sorts, to get you beyond the daily grind and to launch yourself into a much more satisfying story.