christians rich wealth money

Image by © H. Armstrong Roberts/CORBIS

Is it better to be rich, or is it better to be poor? Can a Christian own a BMW and still claim to be following Christ?

The problem is that the rich have everything they need, which tends to make them less grateful when good things come around. Their expectation of what life should give them is skewed. How can you rely on God’s mercy when you have everything you want?

The poor on the other hand are grateful for everything they receive in love. This must be why Jesus said the poor are blessed.

If you are rich, live as though you are poor, so that you might be grateful for what you receive. Give away what you have to those who need it, not just want it.

If you are poor, live as though you are rich, giving freely out of the abundance of your heart. Your time and love will never run short with Christ in your heart.

Either way, remember that the most important assets are the relationships we cultivate, the people we can touch, the individuals we can help, and most importantly the souls we can help save.