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A fast-paced, science fiction thriller set in a world where Atlantis rules the earth and one man must sacrifice his secrets to save everyone.

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About The Book

Atlantis Reigns Supreme… For Now.
Atlantis watches from afar, content to let the local governments rule themselves, its deadly might a threat to every nation.

The city of Tag Tamar sits poised to take its place in history as it hosts unprecedented trade negotiations between the North Atlantic Realm, the Kingdom of the Southern Ocean, and the Confederate Southern Alliance.

There was a time when Stevens Craig was an Elite Hunter, stalking Tag Tamar’s worst criminals and bringing them to justice. But, after an unfortunate lapse in temper, they demoted him down to the lowest ranks. Just when he thinks his luck is about to change, assassins target the mutant Queen of the Southern Ocean and Craig’s wife is implicated as the mastermind!

In a time of political turmoil, on the brink of war, who can Craig trust? Will he turn his wife over to the Authorities, or does he have what it takes to help her escape, find the truth, and prevent the obliterating intervention of Atlantis?

Shadow of Atlantis is a fun, fast paced, Sci-fi, espionage, thriller. The main character continues to find himself in one impossible situation after another. He manages to overcome impossible odds as you learn more about his abilities and his past. This is a fun read and I recommend.
– Caleb Fields

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