The Brush Designs of Megelise

The Brush Designs of MegElise Megelise needed a voice, a certain aesthetic. She needed a website that spoke to her whimsical nature but also evoked the power of beauty that her work expresses. I created this site and copy for the artist. Click here to look at more...

ReJoy Marketing

reJoy Marketing reJoy marketing’s purpose was to change the perception about sales and marketing in the small arts community. Since many artists see sales as something dirty and unworthy of their time, no one is aware they have something important to say, and...

Northwest Recovery

Northwest Recovery The owner of Northwest Recovery (a repossession agency) came to me with a problem. He was being run out of business by smaller low cost competitors and needed an edge. We decided he should market to the heavy equipment markets as opposed to the...

Cantonfield Publishing

Cantonfield Publishing I wrote all the copy for this website, as well as the graphic work. The particular challenge was getting the phrasing right so that it would include the widest audience possible while still maintaining a unique identity. So far
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