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I write and publish fiction and nonfiction books, on topics and genres as varied as children’s fiction to marketing, with some post-apocalyptic humorous sci-fi thrown in for good measure.

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Click on the title to read over three years of my thoughts and insights – you might learn a thing or two, the average is four.

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I’ve worked with companies large and small, doing copywriting to content strategy, web design to digital media planning. Currently, I write and publish books.

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I’m a writer, an author, a publisher, and I dabble in design and marketing on the side. If you want to know more about me, I have a few secrets to share.

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The Group vs The Individual Story

Every morning on Twitter, I ask people how I can help them.  A recent request asked for more stories about communities of people persevering, more stories that share the gift of groups. The Tweeter thinks we're addicted to lone hero stories, and miss out on the gift...

Why Anguish Is Good

In stories, anguish or pain can only be  effectively dealt with if neither are the exclusive focus of the story. Anguish is better introduced as a temporary state, something that must be overcome. In the same way we must deal with pain, as a temporary situation, a...

Is Your Art A Hobby Or A Business?

Once upon a time, I wrote a piece about how an artist stood out at a local street fair by being interesting and unique. As a consequence, that artist sold more than her peers and connected with several new clients. By offering unique and interesting products, both she...

Why the Why is the Story

Too often we tell small stories without connecting to some larger story. When that happens, the audience loses interest. Without the larger story, the small stories don't have meaning. People need a "why", a larger, better story to follow. That's called context. The...

5 Ways to Make Social Media Work

After publishing a series of bedtime stories for parents to tell their kids and a devotional for Christians in Business, I needed a new project. So, I've begun work on a book for authors and artists about using Social Media to its fullest. These are a few main points...

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