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I write books that surprise, delight, and inform. My unique blend of imagination and humor has led to thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iTunes.

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The Books

I write and publish fiction and nonfiction books, on topics and genres as varied as children’s fiction to marketing, with some post-apocalyptic humorous sci-fi thrown in for good measure.

Blog and Articles

Click on the title to read over three years of my thoughts and insights – you might learn a thing or two, the average is four.

The Work

I’ve worked with companies large and small, doing copywriting to content strategy, web design to digital media planning. Currently, I write and publish books.

Who is Josh?

I’m a writer, an author, a publisher, and I dabble in design and marketing on the side. If you want to know more about me, I have a few secrets to share.

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Why Living Like You're Dying is Bad Advice

I think if I really chose to live my life like every day was my last, I would be a complete jerk. Maybe that says a lot about me, but I have a feeling that everyone would be more or less the same. Think about it, if this is your last day, and nothing follows, then...

Why You Should Live a Small Life

Too often we try to live our lives in such a grandiose way, dreaming such big dreams. But how many of those big dreams are only in our minds? How often do we satisfy ourselves with the dream and not the realization of the dream? So we dream big, higher than we can...

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