How To Find Success With Social Media

A Fun and Easy Guide to Success in Social Media for Authors, Artists and Creatives Who Hate Marketing!

Social Media can the greatest and most confusing communication tools authors and artists will ever use. With this guide you will understand:

– What Social Media is and why it’s important
– Which Social Media platforms will make you most successful immediately
– How Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube can lead to more sales
– Four secret tools that will make you rich
– Advanced keys to Social Media and business prosperity
– What to do if your efforts don’t seem to yield results
– The power of true fans and how to find them
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use the remarkable power of Social Media in your own artistic enterprise, this is the book for you. You will learn how Social Media works, why it’s crucial, and most importantly how to use the social web to increase your sales and find collectors and fans.

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Social media marketing for authors and artists

Social Joy: A Quick, Easy Guide to Social Media for Authors, Artists, and Other Creative Types Who Hate Marketing


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