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Stories Are The Best Way to Love Your Kids

mom reading her daughter a fun bedtime story for kidsHas your child ever asked you to tell them a story, and you came up blank? Have you ever wanted to tell your kids a cool story? One that has them captivated and begging you for more?

Look no further.

The stories offered below are easy to tell your kids. Each one is broken down into 5-10 minute episodes and each episode is designed for maximum impact so that your child is riveted by the story, calling for more each and every night.

Give them just 5-10 minutes, and you will make memories that last for the rest of their lives. Isn’t that what you want?

Why Are These Books Worth Reading?

I created each book to be a classic adventure that your elementary age child will love. Here are a couple of unique features:

  • Every book contains specially designed chapters called “episodes” to be read in a short amount of time.
  • The stories are versatile; you can use them for bedtime, quick car trips, you can have older kids tell them to younger ones, or simply have your child read it on his or her own.
  • These are adventure stories, teaching about the nature of good and evil, how heroes overcome, and the benefits of good moral character. Each story highlights these themes in its own unique way.
  • Each book is a full 17,000 words or more, much longer than most short stories.
  • There are four types of adventures to choose from; a book about dogs who love cheese and save the world, a space adventure kind of like Star Wars, a Superhero adventure, and an adventure about a Princess that doesn’t know she’s a Princess. You get to choose the one your child likes best! Or choose all four and save some money.

Which Is Worth More To You…

father reading his son a fun bedtime story for kidsIs that five minutes of “relaxation time” in front of the TV watching your show worth more than seeing that smile on your child’s face as you tell them an exciting adventure?

From experience, I can tell you it’s not. I used to be your typical couch potato, but now I’m addicted to telling my son stories and we’ve never been closer.

What Do You Have To Lose?


Just click on the links below and you will be on your way to creating those special moments with your kids that you’ve always wanted.

The stories are available in all electronic formats and paperback.


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