If you are a writer, don't stop writingSince the book publishing industry has changed so dramatically recently, and the ability to reach vast audiences is at any author’s disposal, it just makes sense that anyone with a story to tell should write.  I don’t have a comprehensive guide for this, all I have to offer are a few tips that have worked for me.

Just Write

Write like it’s the only thing you want to do.  Write because you have to and don’t edit yourself.  It doesn’t matter if everything that comes out is terrible because you can always edit later.  What’s important is that you write and keep writing.

Let the words flow freely and don’t censor yourself

Don’t go back and correct your typos, if you see a grammar mistake, leave it alone.  Fix it later.  Speak in your voice and let that be the most you that you can put into yourself.  Embrace the small mistakes that sometimes can lead to the greatest insights.

If you stop, pick it up again

If you miss a day, start again the next day.  What ever you do, keep going.  Whatever you have done in the past is merely a prologue, it doesn’t write the rest of your story. You do, you decide, you act, you make things happen.  You either write or watch TV, you either write or watch a movie, you either write or you sleep.  Which will it be.

If you have a story to tell then the more you choose writing, the happier you will be

A website that helped me get into the practice was a site a called 750 Words.  It’s based on the thought that if you write about 3 pages everyday, that process will unlock your creativity for the day.  For me, it made me write every day and I will always be grateful to the owner of the site for that.  Check it out here.

I’m sure that I have more, but this will get you started.