“Really this is all about manipulating the psychology of the customer, we manipulate his fears, we manipulate his anxieties, we manipulate his resentments, we manipulate his secret desires, we manipulate all sorts of inner things in order to over come his complacency, inertia, skepticism, unwillingness to spend money, on and on and on in order to get him to give us money for goods and services… we should spend more of our time figuring that out, then figuring anything else out.”  – Dan Kennedy, Marketing “Guru” and “Millionaire Maker” at the InfoMarketing Summit in 2009

Do I really have to say anything else?  This is why people don’t trust business and why people hate marketing.  This started me thinking.

It’s relationships that matter, not manipulating or getting someone to do something you want.  If you focus on them and the relationship, you are creating and you will get ahead.  So will they.  And, you get to keep your soul.