And other things Christians struggle with

I’m terrible at helping the sick and needy and downtrodden. It’s tough to admit, but when I see someone walking on the street who looks like they call that street home, I feel more fear than love. We all know that’s not the right response, but there it is.

I want to feel love for sure. I want to want to take care of those in need, to heal the sick, or tell someone that money I do not have, but what I have I give freely, then pray for them to be healed or blessed in Jesus name. Pretty sure I don’t because I love myself more than them.

And that’s the real culprit isn’t it? Self love. Pride. Holding on to your own life over that of others. The truth of the matter is that this stain doesn’t seem to wash out.

Jesus said that in order to follow him we must be willing to give up everything, and I think that includes ourselves. But why is that so difficult?

Do you struggle with this too? Have you overcome it somehow? Let us know.