One of the last independent newspapers in the country, and they Get ItI recently sat down with the advertising staff for one of the last independent newspapers in the country, The Columbian, and what I saw there was nothing short of magical.  They were a group of ethical, committed champions, fighting against the evils of transactional thinking.

With every conversation that we had, it became more apparent that they understood what we were fighting for; that long term relationships matter more than short term transactions, every time.  And this is the ideal they strive for, all the way up to the publisher.

Finding this progressive mindset has become an obsession for me, mostly because it’s still so rare.  I’ve become a self-appointed flame spotter, looking for those bright spots that “get it”, that know what it means to cultivate quality relationships.  There are still few, but their ranks are growing.  And they will keep growing.

What I enjoyed most about the meeting was when I mentioned that most businesses treat customers and employees as transactions, as opposed to relationships; they got it right away.  They understand what so many in their profession just can’t see:

The world is changing.

And now they are trying to change with it.  They are trying to tell a different story, a better story with every client.  And I for one applaud them.

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