your failures can onlyh lead to a better storyAs you try to live a more exciting and helpful Lifestory, you will inevitably make some decisions that simply don’t work. Some of those decisions might have consequences that seem too big to overcome.

They’re not.

Heroes are quite dumb. They have to be. In order to experience pain, conflict, and setbacks (so that they can grow from those experiences) they have to make mistakes.

It’s okay to fail and to make mistakes. You have to be okay with failure as a possible result of your choice to act. There is no other way to learn and grow as the character in your Lifestory.

You are the main character in your story, and your responsibility is to move forward. Even if it all feels like to much, or the world seems impossible, you never back down, never give up, and always press forward.

Failures will never be comfortable, but they will signal that you are on the right track and that your story just got more interesting.