business failing

(Did the economy and your customers all seem to abandon you at the same time?  Have you ever felt like the business owner in the picture?)

I’m sure that you would agree with the statement, “An investment expects a return”. That is the very nature of investing; you make an investment of time and money because you anticipate a much greater return.

But what if your investment isn’t paying off? Could you say that about your business lately? Does it feel like you are working harder to earn the same amount of business that you got so easily just a couple years ago? Are your sales down, maybe even just above the point where you may have to close the doors?

This last year, did you find yourself thinking “There has to be an easier way to get more customers…” or “I want to expand but how can I in this economy?”

You are not alone.

Last year, thousands of businesses just like yours closed their doors.  Their investment didn’t return what they hoped. But a lucky few had the opposite experience.  Sales were up, costs were down, and as a reward they were able to expand. These “lucky” few don’t have to be an exception to the rule, you can be up there with them.

I bet you are passing on the same great opportunities that these competitors jump on.   You don’t need anything new, right? What’s worked in the past WILL ALWAYS work, right?  How’s that been working LATELY?  If you keep going down the road you are on, it is likely you’ll find yourself working harder and harder to keep your customers, working even harder to find new customers, and you won’t be in the place you wanted.

There is a better way and I would like to show it to you.