I’m tired of living out moments that easily slide out of my memory. Unfortunately I often find my time at church to be just that, forgettable. It’s just so insufferably mediocre and boring, no matter how fancy you make the packaging. And I blame myself for that.

I’m not living a great story.

If our lives were made into stories, would any part of your Christian walk be an action sequence? What about your time at church? Or would all those moments be included in a montage, the kind authors and directors use to skip over the bits that drag and bore the audience to tears?

As long as our lives are just a series of unimportant moments, boring scenes in a bad story, we will feel that unease and dissatisfaction.

Christians have no excuse for living bad stories, for living and encouraging long strings of unimportant moments. We have the greatest motivation, the greatest enemy, and a killer prologue.

So live a great story. Make every scene count. Make sure there’s a theme, a purpose, a driving action and conflict.

What kind of story does your life tell? How can you make it better?