I’ve got a radical idea.

I think that we are most prosperous when we invest our wealth to directly impact and renew communities.

Just imagine if we used our prosperity for the good of others.  Imagine if we all lived on only what we need and use the rest to give back to those who need our help.  Imagine if the wealthy invested in the poor so that the poor could produce and achieve even more.

Imagine if every business adopted a healthy lifestyle of serving others, first their families and then their communities

For example, a family owned grocery or market would agree to donate not just money or volunteer time to the local food bank (although that would be appreciated I am sure), but would also buy extra food for the food bank if business is good.

A credit union or local bank would dedicate some or all of its excess to fund a full time position that coordinates with local nonprofits on financial education or the creation of a select number of high risk, second chance accounts.

The Point of Wealth is to be Spent

Business and marketing are fantastic in themselves, but what’s the point of simply creating more wealth? Do you just keep creating more for its own sake? Where do we invest it?  Spend it on ourselves, on bigger houses or more cars,or on bigger TV’s or more computers or expensive vacations?

How about reinvesting in the business?  YES, reinvest in the business but don’t reinvest simply to expand the business so that the business can grow and become larger for the sole purpose of becoming bigger and more expansive.

Reinvest in serving those that can’t help themselves and your business will grow as a consequence.  But you will also be serving a better cause, not just the organization’s growth.

I know this sounds idealistic, but it is a lifestyle we can all live and the consequences of this behavior can have the most amazing impact the world has ever seen.  Instead of growing to consume, we will grow to give.

Who’s with me?