Is it Better to Tithe or to Give?

I’ve been reading more about the story of the rich man who wanted to follow Jesus.  The story is incredible to me, if only because Jesus’ actions are in direct opposition to what most Christians think today. What Would You Say? If you were a pastor, what...

Why Church Is All Wrong

I’ve been attending church for almost all my life, and feeling guilty about not going when I wasn’t. You are supposed to go to church, right?  That’s just what good Christians do. But why exactly do we go to church? Because it actually makes us...

Who will God Send to Hell, and Why?

I’ve been reading a book on my phone (thanks Kindle!) called Radical, written by a southern pastor named David Platt. The book discusses how the modern American church needs to overcome the seduction of the American dream by following Jesus in the way that the...
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