Should Chrisitians Ever Be Rich?

Is it better to be rich, or is it better to be poor? Can a Christian own a BMW and still claim to be following Christ? The problem is that the rich have everything they need, which tends to make them less grateful when good things come around. Their expectation of...

Getting My (Our) Head On Straight

A friend recently read my blog and told me I needed to stop throwing rocks at the church. In many ways he couldn’t be more right. I never to toss stones at God’s chosen, all I wanted to do was to stir up some conversation. I figured by taking a more...

What If We Treated Church Better?

What if we didn’t do church as a show, or a production? What would we do then? What if we traded self-help messages for helping others messages? What if we started really learning from each other, through life, example, and experience? What if we absolutely...
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