What Millennials Really Want From Work

What Millennials Want from Work Why Millennials aren't lazy, they just live in a different world. ; I recently read an article from a (now former) Yelp employee, Talia, who was dissatisfied with her job and decided to call out her boss online where he was sure to read...

You mispronounced my name

I bought the domain name KilenIt.com because I thought it was cute and wanted something that would display my non-book efforts in webdesign and technology. I chose the domain name because for as long as I’ve been alive, my name has most commonly been...

Things you aren’t supposed to say

For the longest time, I’ve had a hard time thinking of what I want to put on this blog. Should I write my books? Or about my marketing ideas? Or about my thoughts on Christianity? Or my new tech journey? What about my writing process? The one thing I never...
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