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I write and publish fiction and nonfiction books, on topics and genres as varied as children’s fiction to marketing, with some post-apocalyptic humorous sci-fi thrown in for good measure.

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I’ve worked with companies large and small, doing copywriting to content strategy, web design to digital media planning. Currently, I write and publish books.

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I’m a writer, an author, a publisher, and I dabble in design and marketing on the side. If you want to know more about me, I have a few secrets to share.

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Praying Psalm 23

The Bible is a collection of writings in different literary genres. There are narratives and large swaths of legal code. There are personal letters and even a literary genre called apocalyptic literature, something we don't use and would be somewhat akin to science...

Prayer of Examen

As the pandemic rages across the world, it’s easy to give in to fear and hurt. It’s easy to turn to other things that will take our minds away from the pain of the moment and offer a reprieve.Whether that’s food, alcohol, sex, pornography, binge watching Netflix or...

Can Women Be Elders in the Church?

This question, 'Can women be elders in the church?' has bothered me for about a year now. Ever since my church invited me into an eldership program and we dived right into the qualifications of an elder, the Men Only part rubbed me the wrong way. Why only men?...

The Real Problem With Gun Violence in America

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and immediately regretted it? That was me today. First a little background might help. It’s been four days since the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas where an older man unleashed a torrent of fire on an outdoor country...

Why Politics is Important

I know, today of all days, no one wants to talk politics. But it's never been more important to talk about politics.   We have to engage in civilized discourse about the important issues of the day because each of those issues matters.   And I'm not talking about the...

Don’t Sacrifice Joy for Worry

I often miss out on a happy, joy-filled life because I can’t stop comparing the present with the future. We are meant to enjoy the lives that God gave us. He created us for a purpose, to glorify him, but that includes us enjoying His creation and our lives as we live...

Helping the Sick and Needy

And other things Christians struggle with I’m terrible at helping the sick and needy and downtrodden. It’s tough to admit, but when I see someone walking on the street who looks like they call that street home, I feel more fear than love. We all know that’s not the...

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