God's plan for us to do hard work and his willYour boss asks you to perform yet another uninspiring duty;  sweep the floor or file some paperwork or clear a table or some similar act of tedium.

And what do you do?

Do you quit? Or give him the finger?  Perhaps you do both as you walk blissfully out the door into unemployment and heady uncertainty.  Do you do what you’re told but complain and grumble, hating your work all the more? What about joyfully performing the work, how do you do that?

What the Bible says about our work

Colossians 3 tells us to do all our work as if unto the Lord, but how do you actually go about doing that? That question has plagued me for years.  Over time (and a great deal of weeping and gnashing of teeth) I constructed three strategies that seem to help:

  1. Work as an expression of Love – When Jesus reminded us to love our neighbor as ourselves, work was part of that.  In fact, at work is the one place where we most often forget this command.  Think of everything you do at work as a way to express God’s love to others.
  2. Focus away from the crap – You have a choice.  You can pay attention to the bits of your job that you hate, or you can remind yourself of the positives.  But first you have to find the positives.  Find what you love about your job, the opportunities to shine and be your best.
  3. Exceed everyone’s expectations – Find out what they expect from someone in your position and then do more.  You will be more happy, they will be joyous, and everything will go well with you.  Find the details, those sometimes hidden parts of the task or job that most people take for granted, and then do more or better.

Choose to show them Love, above all else

If you do nothing else, at the very least go and think about how you can do the first idea.  If you work as a way to show love then you’ll find yourself quietly cheering for work.  Maybe it won’t be a standing ovation, but you will certainly feel better about work than you do now.

In what ways can you express Love to other people through your work?





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