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Fiction Books

My fiction work falls into the category of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy. While most of the books I write are not explicitly Christian in content, they follow similar themes and a Christian worldview of hope, the punishment of evil, salvation, and ultimately God’s Love for us. My children’s bedtime stories have been favorably compared to C.S. Lewis’s Narnia series and have garnered thousands of positive reviews. Future books will deal with stories that magnify God’s glory in unique and highly unexpected ways using the framework of Science Fiction and Fantasy. There will also be aliens involved.

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bignlittle1The Tales of Big and Little – Doom of the Three Stones
Big and Little are two dogs who love cheese. They would never have imagined that this love would take them to another world, to do battle with the ferocious feline, Shirlee, and his army of animated Pizza Crusts! Follow Big and Little as they try to foil Shirlee’s plans to take over the worlds!

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big-and-little-2-josh-kilenThe Tales of Big and Little – Shirlee’s Revenge!
Shirlee’s back and he’s raising a new army of unforgettable enemies. He’ll stop at nothing to destroy Big and Little and take over the Worlds. As brave Big and wise Little attempt to foil his plans, they see old friends, meet new allies, and uncover an age old secret that could change everything!

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big-and-little-3-josh-kilenThe Tales of Big and Little – The End of the Worlds
Could this be the end for Big and Little? Will the worlds survive the wrath of Shirlee? What new creations will Shirlee bring to life? Big and Little finish their biggest adventure yet, battling Shirlee and his forces to the bitter end, and the very fate of all the worlds hangs in the balance.

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lost-princess-1The Lost Princess in Winter’s Grip
Annabeth lives a normal life as a happy girl in a small town. Then one day her life is turned upside down by a Royal pronouncement that she is in fact a Princess! With evil nipping at her heals, Annabeth and Prince Ryan must battle Stone Monsters, Bandits, and the dreaded Ice Witches in order to reclaim her title and dispense True Justice throughout the land.

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lost-princess-2aThe Lost Princess in The Shifting Sands
Annabeth needs to rescue her love, Ryan, from the evil Ice People in the North. But first she must travel south and enlist the help of the mysterious Desert Tribes. They will test her limits, mind, body, and soul, making her question everything. Only by holding on to her love can she make it through. But can love’s power be scorched away?

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lost-princess-3The Lost Princess in Destiny’s Call
In the third and finale volume – Beaten and on the run, Annabeth and the Priest must race against time to learn the secrets to defeating the Ice People. When they find an ancient power with the answers they seek, Annabeth learns that the path to saving her love, Prince Ryan, may end in her demise. Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of the Lost Princess trilogy!

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sean-ryan1-josh-kilenSean Ryanis & The Impossible Chase
When the most powerful man in the galaxy is taken hostage by evil aliens, there’s only one man to call. Captain Sean Ryanis! Follow him as he battles the evil Malogan Empire, tussles with Fire Pirates, and escapes the grip of the Big Boss. Can he save the galaxy from certain destruction?

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superhero-1The Superhero Chronicles - Birth of Moonlight
Billy was just your average kid with a big heart, until one day something extraordinary happened to him. After a freak accident, suddenly Billy has the powerful ability to read and change emotions. Before he has time to fully understand his powers, a dark force threatens to destroy his city and only Billy can combat its evil. Will he prevail in time?

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Non-Fiction Books

chore_awesomeChoreawesome! - How to get your kids to do chores without asking
How do you make your child do something they hate to do? I learned there’s a secret to making chores irresistible, turning kids from reluctant to excited in a matter of minutes. In this short guide I show you how to turn chores into a game that your child won’t be able to resist playing, and how to sustain that game over time. You will learn the secrets to making the most dreaded tasks sources of joy and excitement for your children.

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social_joy-josh-kilenSocial Joy: A Guide to Social Media for Artists
Do you hate sales and marketing? If you’re an artist or author, usually the answer is a resounding “Yes!” But, without marketing, how do you get the word out about your work? That’s where Social Media comes in. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use the remarkable power of Social Media in your own artistic enterprise, this is the book for you. You will learn how Social Media works, why it’s crucial, and most importantly how to use the social web to increase your sales, finding those all important collectors and fans.

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narrow_road_cover-josh-kilenWalking the Narrow Road: Marketing and Spiritual Instruction for Christians in Business
The future belongs to those people who can form relationships, exceed customer expectations, connect, and tell relevant stories. In short, the future belongs to the Christian Business Owner. This book will help you realize your dream of succeeding in business while holding on to your Christian principles.

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gowritenowGo Write Now: How to Escape the Tyranny of Big Publishers and become a Successful Publishing Author
So many would be writers feel like they need outside approval to do what they love but it has never been easier to publish your own book! If you have always wanted to be a published author then this is your time to shine. You don’t have to wait, you can be a Publishing Author today and start to live your dream right away. All it takes is some knowledge, hard work, and your passion for writing. This book will help you find your path to success.

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