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I write and publish fiction and nonfiction books, on topics and genres as varied as children’s fiction to marketing, with some post-apocalyptic humorous sci-fi thrown in for good measure.

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I’ve worked with companies large and small, doing copywriting to content strategy, web design to digital media planning. Currently, I write and publish books.

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I’m a writer, an author, a publisher, and I dabble in design and marketing on the side. If you want to know more about me, I have a few secrets to share.

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Why Politics is Important

I know, today of all days, no one wants to talk politics. But it's never been more important to talk about politics.   We have to engage in civilized discourse about the important issues of the day because each of those issues matters.   And I'm not talking about the...

Don’t Sacrifice Joy for Worry

I often miss out on a happy, joy-filled life because I can’t stop comparing the present with the future. We are meant to enjoy the lives that God gave us. He created us for a purpose, to glorify him, but that includes us enjoying His creation and our lives as we live...

Helping the Sick and Needy

And other things Christians struggle with I’m terrible at helping the sick and needy and downtrodden. It’s tough to admit, but when I see someone walking on the street who looks like they call that street home, I feel more fear than love. We all know that’s not the...

What Millennials Really Want From Work

I recently read an article from a (now former) Yelp employee, Talia, who was dissatisfied with her job and decided to call out her boss online where he was sure to read it. In her rather long post, she recounts how her salary isn't enough to cover her expenses (Yelp...

You mispronounced my name

I bought the domain name because I thought it was cute and wanted something that would display my non-book efforts in webdesign and technology. I chose the domain name because for as long as I've been alive, my name has most commonly been mispronounced as...

Things you aren’t supposed to say

For the longest time, I've had a hard time thinking of what I want to put on this blog. Should I write my books? Or about my marketing ideas? Or about my thoughts on Christianity? Or my new tech journey? What about my writing process? The one thing I never thought...

American Christianity

Over the years American Christians have been inundated with warnings about the threat of liberal social norms in varying degrees and extremes.  We must guard our hearts against that kind of music, this kind of behavior, not spend time with those kinds of people. In...

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