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I write and publish fiction and nonfiction books, on topics and genres as varied as children’s fiction to marketing, with some post-apocalyptic humorous sci-fi thrown in for good measure.

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Click on the title to read over three years of my thoughts and insights – you might learn a thing or two, the average is four.

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I’ve worked with companies large and small, doing copywriting to content strategy, web design to digital media planning. Currently, I write and publish books.

Who is Josh?

I’m a writer, an author, a publisher, and I dabble in design and marketing on the side. If you want to know more about me, I have a few secrets to share.

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One Secret to Winning Local Elections – Guest Post

A guest post by Phil Van Treuren If you’re the type of political candidate who’s working hard and making an effort to actually meet the voters in your district, then personality can play a huge role in how well you do on election day. The kind of character traits that...

Why You Can’t Live In A Box

My whole life has been an exercise in fighting back. No matter where I went or what I did, my ideas and personality never fit. So instead of giving in and joining, I pushed. I couldn’t just be part of the crowd or go with the flow unless it was on my terms....

How to Start Your New Life Story

Part of the problem with telling your life like a story is that you have to choose what you want your story to be. Rather than drifting along, you have to live with purpose and intention. That’s not easy, in fact it can be downright exhausting. In the beginning you...

Be Bold – How Not To Run Your Marketing

A quick scan for social media gurus in the job postings will tell you all you need to know about the confusion in the world of online marketing. They all mention the position creating “relevant content” in a very meaningful way, as if the words themselves...

31 Books You Should Read

My friend is probably crazy. She’s compiling an epic list of books to read, which at this point has grown larger than she could reasonably finish in a lifetime. By her estimates, if she read for two hours every single day, for the rest of her life, she would get...

Another Idea for Winning Your Election

Most political candidate’s websites are horrible. They might look nice, including a very fine picture of the candidate and his family in poses considered unnatural for even the most well adjusted families. There’s often fancy graphics and some generic...

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